ZZAN Korean Restaurant

In Korean, ‘ZZAN’ is the crisp sound that shot glasses make when two raised ice cold glasses connect in merriment. Now when young at heart Koreans raise their glasses and say ‘Zzan!’, it means ‘Cheers!’.

At ZZAN, one can find a veritable feast of East-Asian cuisine!

With a broad range of select Korean dishes and a la carte BBQ, healthy eating and fun with friends over a glass of wine or a wide range of cold Local and Asian style beers, ‘Zzan’ is the restaurant of Darwin local and Korean born chef Bruce Shin! Now at the Darwin Bowls and Social Club, Bruce has previously managed Award winning local establishments the Deck Bar and Eva’s Cafe in the Botanical Gardens.

ZZAN is Darwin’s newest authentic taste of modern Asian cuisine!

Reservations: 0431013546
Email: info@zzan.com.au

Zzan Korean Bistro Menu

Zzan Platter Menu

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